What is a lightbox?

Lightboxes are a great way to collaborate with others when discussing a set of images. They allow you to store images that interest you in a personalised repository on the Loop site. You can add any image to your lightbox, regardless of whether it has been priced for sale. You can also create a comment on your lightbox, if for example, you are researching images for a project and also share the lightbox with clients and colleagues, by providing an email address.

Although you can add images to a lightbox without being logged into Loop, having a free account allows you to save and share the lightbox. You can create a free Loop account here.

How do I add an image to a lightbox?

When you view images via a search or through the galleries, you will see a +lightbox icon that sits below each image. Click the icon to add the image to your lightbox. If you are logged in, you will be prompted to pick a lightbox to place the image into, or to create a new lightbox, if preferred. If not logged in, your image will be stored in a temporary lightbox which can be retrieved by logging in or registering on the Loop site. The lightbox can then be edited or shared if required.

You can have an unlimited number of lightboxes to organize the images that you are interested in.

How do I view the contents of my lightbox?

Click the lightboxes tab in the page header to view a list of your lightboxes. There are two tabs to show lightboxes that you’ve created, and lightboxes that have been shared with you. Click on a lightbox name to view its contents.

A lightbox has the following properties:

  • It contains images and the facility to rate images.
  • The Details heading contains information the lightbox owner can fill in regarding the client, the project and description of the chosen image.
  • The Comments heading allows information to be written about a particular image.
  • The Share tab allows the user to send the lightbox to another registered Loop user.

Click on the name of the lightbox to edit it. You can click the description fields to edit them in place as well.

How do I purchase items in my lightbox?

Click the preview image from within the lightbox to reveal a larger version of the same picture. To buy, simply price the image by clicking the green Buy/License button and proceed through the pricing matrix. Once this has been completed and a price has been calculated, the user is given the option to Buy It Now or to Cancel. Clicking the Buy It Now button will take the user through the buying gateway, and when complete, give access to a hi-res download of the chosen image via the “My account” page.