As a guest user of our database, you have access to the full search functionality of our site. However, you are not able to store or share lightboxes, or order and download images online. You can though, add images to your cart without having an account and upon checkout, we will create a free Loop account for you using the e-mail and password that you specify. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you or sell your information to other companies!

If you do register on the site, your lightbox(es) are stored until you decide to remove them. Even if you leave the Loop site, the next time you visit and login, your lightbox will still be there. You can also access all previous orders and see invoice, download and lightbox history.

Registration is free, straight forward and takes only moments. You choose your own unique username and password which will then allow you full access to the rich functionality of the site. To register on the Loop site, click here.

Regular clients are also able to request an upgrade to their logins to allow them to:

  • access hi-res files for client approval
  • access unwatermarked comp images
  • download hi-resolution images via ftp

If you would like to have an upgraded login to allow you to have access to one or more of the above features, please contact us.

If you have any concerns about the security of the information you provide to us, please view our Privacy Policy.