RM Pricing

Rights-managed (RM) licensing – a confusing concept and expensive, right?

Wrong! It simply means that an image is priced on how it will be used with factors such as size, media, duration of use and geographic distribution. Indeed, RM offers far greater flexibility with pricing compared to other licensing models because the rate charged depends specifically upon this use.

How many images on that old Royalty-Free (RF) cd do you actually use? For example, you want to use one of our images 1/4 page in a retail magazine in the UK with a readership of 100,000. Great! Price and buy online immediately, or better still, give us a call and we’ll sort you out a price. You may even re-discover that insane grin.

What are the benefits of Loop RM?

  • Control. Unlike RF and microstock, which is anonymously and promiscuously available through literally hundreds of sales channels, Loop RM has a controlled distribution with a strong body of the collection only available through our brand, making it far easier to find a unique, high quality image.
  • Protection. Loop RM licensing protects your image from being used in a manner that is embarrassing to your brand. There is simply no way to track where RF and microstock images have been used or will be used in the future. We carefully and selectively manage our collection and know the history of how and where imagery has been used previously. This can prevent that annual report cover image showstopper, ending up also advertising products that combat trapped wind.
  • Exclusivity. The nature of Loop RM allows us to license images exclusively to one client providing them with the assurance that an ad campaign’s imagery and message will not be hijacked by a competitor. In the world of the blogoshere, there is a horde of people only too ready to tell the world about each and every marketing blunder they find.
  • Affordability. Whisper it, but we are very competitive on price. Contrary to calls from the cheap seats, we are not stupid and can see the dark legions of RF and microstock foot soldiers cutting great swathes through the traditional pricing models, leaving producers and suppliers alike, dazed and confused. Our response to this is to constantly try and improve our content and service levels, work with the best photographers and be both creative and realistic about the way we price our imagery. We don’t give it away, but we work really hard to stay within your budget, offer you set-fee pricing agreements to better help you plan and also reward established clients with more latitude in what they pay for our content.
If you’re still awake at this point, you might like to surf the site and stuff your lightbox to the gunnels with some great images, and then give us a call on +44 (0)203 397 0804 and beguile us with your negotiating skills. You can be assured your call will be met by a friendly voice. Go on, give us a go!